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2000 Bloggers: Reciprocal Links ahoy!When I first stumbled onto Tino Buntic’s 2000 Blogger’s Goal a while ago, I thought, “Wow, this is really something.” But little did I know that this would have a greater impact than I had first imagined.

Firstly, I thought, “Fantastic! A nice place to get a solid backlink.”. Secondly Des Walsh indicated that he had an increase in his Technorati Ranking. Thirdly(!), Jean-Fran├žois Berthet noticed that people could effectively develop 2000 reciprocal links by re-posting the list of 2000 bloggers.

I have since developed my own oppinion that by reposting these links - you will not only gain traffic and authority from the links posted on the websites who post the 2000 bloggers. But you will ALSO be putting a link to your blog in this little box on your WordPress Dashboard!

Anyway, checkout the 2000 bloggers! (Beware: Following this link may crash your browser) Removed due to concerns about link farming, crashing browsers etc. Refer to Tino Buntic’s original 2000 Bloggers post.

8 Responses to “2000 Bloggers”

  1. Robert,
    You just removed a major pain from me ! I have spent hours trying to fix my damn page until you pointed me to your blog here.
    Of course I had tried to copy the html form the original page but never worked. It took me hours to try and try.
    Finally I just copied you html and it works.
    Thanks 2000 times !


  2. JFB, you’re quite welcome. WordPress can be a pain sometimes! Thanks for highlighting the fact that we can get so many reciprocal links on our blogs on your site…

    Robert Kingston

  3. Another of the original 2000 here ;-) I’m in the red shirt, with the yellow flag background, in the top-middle.

    I’ve posted the list in two parts, one when it nearly first came out, and again later another chunk. I think there’s almost enough new ones added for a third posting.


  4. Thanks for my technorati rank, divided by 10, in my case ! … :-)

    Another fellow …


  5. hey!

    thanks for linking to the culture of me!!! anyone know if we’ve reached 2000 yet?

    that dude jeff (second row, fourth from the right).

    that dude jeff

  6. Posting them this way takes too much space though.. check out my pixel 2000 Bloggers!


  7. Hey Ilker, I would, but it doesn’t include the whole lot of them…

    Robert Kingston

  8. Robert,

    I’d like to post a question to your readers if I might?

    Have you heard of Windsor, Ontario, Canada?

    Can you tell me what you know if anything about my city, Windsor, Ontario, Canada? All I ask is that in your response you tell me which city you hail from.

    We here at the Branding Experts anticipate being a part of a tender to brand our fair city and I would like to build some un-scientific data on the city’s brand as it exists. I feel that with the international character of blogging, I should be able to get some good feed-back to this request. It is relevant if you have never heard of Windsor also, so if you could let me know that fact as well it would be much appreciated.

    This request is one of the incredible things about blogging - assistance on many levels with what we love to do.

    Thank you,


    Ed Roach

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