Bracing Your Brand

Internet business and marketing with Robert Kingston


Here’s an experience you can’t miss - the opportunity to write for a large audience and display your marketing finesse.

Yaro has encouraged me to write an advertisement, looking for new writers at So, if you’re like me and you need a place to display your potential as a marketer to future employers, then you should seriously consider taking it up.

You could find yourself on a journey you never thought possible. Not only do you get the chance to write alongside people in the industry, but you could also find yourself making contacts with people in PR all around the world.

I had the chance to visit the AMA’s new marketing event - Mplanet 2006, review a free copy of Lightning In A Bottle and benefit from the thousands of eyes reading my articles. Thanks to I have something to get me in the door at a lot of marketing companies as I experienced all kinds of benefits. Besides that, I was able to solidify my knowledge whilst honing my professional writing skills, I was able to converse with PR professionals about news on the site, I drew in significant amounts of traffic to this blog and I have even earned some money through my adsense ads which I continue to tweak and monitor.

However, the best thing about writing for that website is it gave me a position in Yaro’s company to help him build and administer his websites and forums. If you’re able to write articles about business, marketing and branding as it applies to small businesses then I urge you to take it up. The experience is great.

If you do apply via my website, let me know in here and I’ll put in a good word for you. ;)

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