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Hi guys,

You’ve got to help me. Today after talking with some friends of mine and reading Ed Roach’s post on re-branding - I decided to buy a domain to re-brand this site. Sure enough I went ahead and purchased a domain right off the bat after some thought and with a good strategy in mind. I figured if I got a good enough domain name, I could swap my site onto the new one and sell

Well… it wasn’t that simple.

I set out to find a good domain with a couple of points in mind:

  1. Keep It Short
  2. Keep It Simple
  3. Make It Somewhat Related To The Content
  4. Get a Dot COM
  5. Make it Memorable

After a short while I came up with some good words which could be used for my domain. I did some searches, checked to see what was free and I found one which stuck with me.


I snapped it up on hoping that I could set it to point to this site and sell I was pretty happy with myself as I got it valued at $500-$750USD! Now, when you have a cracker of a domain like that, it reflects on your website as people make judgments about the effort you put into your website based on your domain. So, not only would this be easier for ME to type in, it’d have a demonstrable effect on visitors to my website. Things were rather swell.

The day passed by and I began to think about how I was going to set this domain to point to my site. Several ugly realities started to get the better of me:

  • I’ll lose all my backlinks to my site!
  • I’ll have to change my email addresses at all my sites!
  • I’ll lose my Pagerank and my Alexa Ranking!
  • What about that softspot I’ve always had for as my first ever domain name?

I’ve been faced with a tough choice and I’m still not sure what to think. I might talk with my friends and hear what they have to say about it. From what I can see I have two choices - (a) I should the new domain name and re-brand this site from scratch OR (b) keep my original domain name and stay on

If I don’t decide to keep it, I might sell it on Sitepoint. Let me know your thoughts… I could be making a big mistake.

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4 Responses to “To Use Or Not To Use This Domain - A Lesson In Buying Domains”

  1. My domain name isn’t perfect, but I’d hate to lose my pagerank and have to redo my graphics and anything that ties in with my site’s name. It’d be like imagining eBay switching.


  2. Yeah, I think I made the right decision. I’ll be keeping this domain for an unknown amount of time into the future.

    Robert Kingston

  3. I think moving your domain to a better one is a good idea.

    However, is there a good and painless way to inform your link partners to update the links to your new domain? It seems like a lot of work and I would be interested to know.


  4. I just did a switch myself. I believe that switching to the new one (the one I’m currently using) is the right long term move.

    What I did was email my blogging friends to change their links to the new one.

    The other thing I did was a 301 redirect and I’m told that the search engines eventually will change over.

    I will lose all the in-post links of people’s blogs of course but that’s a price to I feel like I can afford for the long term.


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