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Thanks to Yaro Starak, I’ve been introduced to the new raving plugin - Top Commentators.

For those of you who have no idea what this plugin is about, it’s purpose is to reward people who comment on my blog for their time and for adding their thoughts. I’ve noticed a lot of other blogs out there that have installed this plugin recently and are getting a lot more participation in their posts.

When Yaro got me to install the plugin on, I figured I’d test it right here first. It’s looking good so far and it installed seemlessly with just a few minor changes to the code.

Hopefully, this will encourage more of you lurkers out there to speak up and receive some high quality back-links to your page now. I predict this will encourage people who don’t normally comment to trial it and become used to posting on others’ blogs.

Has anyone else installed this plugin? If so, how are comment numbers coming along?

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28 Responses to “Top Commentators: Speading the Link Love”

  1. Numbers are great and spam is next to nill. Thanks for the post BTW… Have a great night!

    Thor Schrock

  2. No worries Thor. You too.

    Robert Kingston

  3. I’ve noticed a real trend in people adding these, looks well worth trying out…


  4. Yeah well I haven’t noticed any huge impact from installing it it just yet but hey - I thought it’d be good to give you guys some link love.

    Robert Kingston

  5. I’m a bit cautious installing this plugin. A lot of the blogs I read (including this one now that I’ve stumbled across it) have installed it and I’ve noticed a lot more “Me too” or “great post!” type posts. Comments for the sake of commenting if you will.

    SEO blog

  6. How can one read such a post and not comment? I think it’s a pretty good idea to somehow reward your readers that put the time and effort into commenting so good job.

    Church of Integrity

  7. We’re just about finished installing it - we’ll let you know our experience.

    Hobo SEO

  8. I installed it and tripled my comments over night. I think it’s great; definitely encourages people to comment.


  9. Great plugin, I’m planning on installing it first thing in the morning.

    Steve S

  10. I think it is pretty much impossible to not get more comments when you install this plugin. Long term I think it is great for a community.


  11. @ SEOBlog - You’re quite right. On one hand it’s great for getting people to comment but like always it has it’s dark side.

    Personally, I’ve noticed that I’m getting a bit of traffic to this page from Google for the keyword “Top Commentators” - These could be a combination of people looking for 100+ solid backlinks to their page. Or they might just be looking to read up about the plugin and determine the effects of installing it.

    Another advantage to installing this plugin is that search engines dig the fresh content being provided on a continual basis. In order to get a link in my Top Commentators box you will need at least three comments to secure yourself. This means that people will comment on my other articles just to rack up a post count. They just so happen to dig up old articles and write keyword loaded comments in them.

    I don’t particularly know what I will do with this plugin in the future but I’ll keep it updated.

    Robert Kingston

  12. I installed the plugin and Im suprised how little spam gets through


  13. I’ve been thinking about adding this. I don’t think SPAM should be a problem as long as you have askmeit. I’ve taken off “no-follow” and haven’t had any trouble with spam.

    Brett McKay

  14. I guess that’s the trick really. I have this theory that comments seed comments. It is really unlikely that someone is going to be the first to comment on a subject, it is much more likely that they will be 5th or 6th.

    Steve S

  15. That’s what I’m banking on Steve.

    Robert Kingston

  16. Hmm, well if it’s not spammed much I guess I’ll give it a shot. There is definitely an extra little tug to comment. I’ve found myself on sites that normally I would talk myself out of commenting, now I comment. I guess that’s the point eh?

    Seo Blog

  17. I think that this is a great idea. I believe it pulls in a lot of people consistently. Have you noticed any benefits?


  18. Good tip. Installing it now. Be interesting to see what happens.


  19. I think when you install plugins like that you get quantity comments not quality. But it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re generating traffic, it’s all good.

    Deaf Musician

  20. Not really. I prefer quality over quantity of traffic and so far, Top Commentators has provided the latter.

    Whilst it does wonders inspiring my readers to comment, it draws in people from search engines whose motivations are solely to increase the ranking and traffic to their own sites.

    Robert Kingston

  21. Sure, it doesn’t really protect bloggers from “spammy” comments, but I’d like to think that the plug-in primarily promotes interaction. To me, interaction is priceless.

    website copywriter

  22. Great plugin! I installed one for my personal finance site and it increased comments by readers immediately!


  23. I installed this plugin a couple of weeks ago and I think it is a great way to reward the readers of your site (especially if you have a webmaster related blog/audience)

    Blog on Blogging

  24. I’ve also had this plugin installed. Works great and I love to see the comments left by the top users. Once the blog grows a bit more you might even want to offer incentives on the top commentors for the month.

    Zac Johnson

  25. Good idea. It’s a nice reward for those who contribute to the blog.


  26. When I first got started with my blog, blogspot was my best option. I’m not trained in coding and such, so it was easy for me to use. My good friend told me about it and he really helped alot in guiding me through. Now that I’ve been blogging for while, I see that there is alot I’m missing out on by using blogspot. Everywhere I look, it’s ‘Wordpress, Wordpress, Wordpress!” There are alot of fun plugins such as this one that I am not able to utilize.
    I think this is a great idea! I have a slow trickling of visitors, but rarely do they comment. And I can’t use the ‘DoFollow’ which would encourage people to comment, either. The thought of switching over and starting all over is very upsetting. I just got accepted to PayPerPost, so I would have to start over on that one as well. Hmmmm


  27. I just installed this plugin on my own website, and I’m curious. On most of the sites that I’ve seen using it, the quality of the comments are quite good (not a ton of “good post” comments like I would have expected).

    Zen Zoomie

  28. I want to install it on my blog, but afraid of spam. Can you tell me about that? Spamers annoying you? :)


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