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Yaro Starak is gearing up to release his Blog Profits Blueprint - a kind of sneak peak about what you will get when you sign-up to his Blog Mastermind program.

I’ve watched Yaro move throughout the launch process and I’ve even had a peep inside of the blueprint!

I’ve got to say it’s looking good - I can’t wait to get my hands on it, myself! With just over 30 hours till it’s released there isn’t too long to wait now…

The focus of the blueprint revolves around making money blogging. Whilst I’m not going to make money on my blog, I’ve thought about monetizing my other sites with blogs before. So this would no doubt be a nice card to put in my back pocket in case I chose to play it one day. In particular I’m keen to find out the exact blueprint that Yaro has made to develop a blog which makes money. So, learning things like pillar articles and communication channels and seeing the back-end of will be a welcome treat.

If you’d enjoy a passive income, like me, I suggest you check it out here.

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10 Responses to “Blog Profits Blueprint Set To Release”

  1. Haven’t heard about this yet, but I’m glad I came across it on here. Will most definitely check it out, thanks!

    website copywriter

  2. I’m not sure what this is either but I’m so passionate about my blog right now that I will read anything about SEO and money making opportunities for my blog.

    Thanks for the link!


  3. No worries, It’s all over the web now. Thanks to big names like pro blogger, the word is out and about.

    Enjoy the product guys - Yaro put so much work into that!

    Robert Kingston

  4. I listened to Yaro’s interview with Gobala Krishnan a week or two ago, and have been pretty eagerly anticipating this launch since then!

    Hope that it is as good as it sounded, although I am sure that of course it will be,



  5. It was quite a good read. Very informative; I’ve put a lot of his advice to use. My traffic doubled over the month. Take that how ever you’d like.

    Jeremy Hobbs

  6. Very nice guys… Yaro would love to hear about that. I’ll just let him know.

    Robert Kingston

  7. I looked at this website and was wondering, is it something we use independently of our blog? Or in conjunction with our blog? Sorry if this is a silly question!!!


  8. Hey Bec,

    You use it in conjunction with your blog. As far as I know, you can even get it in audio format now, so it might be worth taking a look at it… Especially if you’re committed to growing your blog.

    Robert Kingston

  9. I’m new here so forgive me if you’ve already written about this…why not monetize your blog? Even with small advertising you could still maintain the great look but add a little income.

    Lewis Empire

  10. I have monetised somewhat. I have a sponsor link in my sidebar, underneath my blogroll. It covers my hosting costs for this blog and gives me a steady recursive income. I wouldn’t mind getting some more sponsors for this site - it may even encourage me to write more blog posts.

    I won’t even consider adsense on this site. I tested some in the tabber box above the comments but, as I’ve experienced on other sites like mine, I had extremely poor results.

    Robert Kingston

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