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About Robert Kingston

Diving into new opportunities...I’m Robert Kingston - a guy down under fascinated with the social media and internet technologies for the promoting causes, products and people.

I began blogging back in June 2006 when I began my first blog, which I have since transcended (and deleted). There I learned much about generating inbound links and the workings of promoting a website on the internet but I wasn’t generating many loyal visitors. The content I was making there was purely for the purpose of generating traffic. I decided the answer to getting more return visitors (or subscribers) was by writing more detailed articles and letting it flow from my desire to write on the topic.

Shortly after deciding to write more expressive articles I noticed Yaro Starak was advertising to recruit new bloggers for - I jumped at the chance and have been writing on there since the very start of August 2006. This was an important step for me as I wrote articles which were read by a decently large audience, giving me much more responsibility in terms of what I wrote for people. As it turned out, I was invited to attend Mplanet 2006 in the USA by Rachelle Lacroix from Fleishman-Hillard.

Between those two events, I also managed to setup this domain which was originally to advertise myself as a marketer but I figured that it was selfish and untenable. I’ve now set it upon myself to keep this website purely as my own blog for which I can document my knowledge and experiences. Also, you may find I’ll use this site to test some ideas of mine from time to time, but I’ll keep you in the loop.

Around December, I acquired another domain, After seeing many market trend professionals pointing toward environmentally sustainable living, I was easily motivated by Adrien Geille of Fiscon to set a site up to promote sustainable practices around the home. I hoped to develop that site into a substantial resource for people interested in sustainable living and news about sustainable companies but I’m considering selling it in the future.

Throughout January and February I took over the management of for Yaro and gained some insight into how WordPress worked. Also in February, Yaro brought me on board with some websites of his to take care of. Namely Mini Riders and Pocket Bike Racing - two of Australia’s biggest minibike communities. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working on these websites and developing them further. Through implementing code, software, rules and procedures, the site is now running a bit more smoothly and I’ve gained a lot of experience with organising sponsors, ads, other people and even myself.

Soon I hope to own community websites which I can help build and develop further - right now I’m quite content to say that it’s my dream job.