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Things have been getting kind of hectic in the past few weeks and it’s stretching my time. Although I have three simple things which have helped me tremendously.Time management thanks to Google and my two monitors.

  1. Using the Google Suite
  2. Using Two Monitors
  3. Managing My Stress

The Google Suite is my hero… thanks to Desktop search, Gmail, Google Calendar and my To-Do list (in the Sidebar), I can find out what I need to do and access all the information I need for my jobs quickly and effectively. My dual monitor setup also helps out a lot - in my case I’ve got a new monitor and and old monitor so I can work on one screen and play music on another (click the picture). It’s also great for working out of an email without having to print it off.

The strangest thing I have found though is how to manage my stress. You know when you’re working on something and you have a quickly approaching due date? You probably get stressed out, right? Well, getting stressed reduces your ability to concentrate and work on the things that are important. So, if there’s nothing you can do about the approaching due date, you’ll do a lot better off by forgetting the stress and getting on with your task.

For the lack of time for many professionals in the world today I have to blame the internet.

With the endless amount of opportunity on there it’s no surprise that people are getting inundated with exciting endeavours. I’ve been invited to join a couple of projects over the past few months and I’m finding some of my commitments getting stretched as I put my focus into working on two bike forums - Pocket Bike Racing and MiniRiders. Thankfully, once I’ve finished the majority of the work I put INTO the two bike sites, they should manage themselves pretty well.

That’ll leave me with more time to work ON the sites and get stuck into university. Anyway, I better get back to it and so should you…

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5 Responses to “Time Management”

  1. Very interesting change to your blog Robert. I almost thought I was in the wrong place. I guess we all tweek constantly. I thought it funny that you chose to go white on grey and I just switched the copy section of my blog to black on white. I was getting a few comments regarding eye strain.

    You touched on a common problem in business - stress. I deal with it all the time. I go to a gym 3 days a week and try to walk it off on the track, I paint and read and generally try to distrack myself from what stresses me. It is great to have other interests to relieve stress as you aooear to have done. I wonder what others do to relieve stress in their lives?

    Ed Roach

  2. Hey Ed,

    Good to hear from you again - I noticed your change too… I see what you mean about eye-strain too. I went for the black and red because the black seems to elicit a more classic and respectable feel whilst the red signifies passion and sticks out.

    As for my stress, when I get really worked up I go for a run up a hill or something. Also when I get anxious I find going for a run can help me chillout too. Anything that gets me in the flow zone is great for getting rid of stress. I haven’t done much painting before - I have to admit that I really enjoyed it when I went to school though. I spose whats stiopping me from getting back into painting would be the cleanup and not being able to find a place to do it.

    Hope things are well with you, Ed.


    Robert Kingston

  3. I think a lot of professionals go through stress. I just started working out 3 to 4 times a week. It has really helped with my stress level. EFT really helps me get through the really tense stress.



  4. I’ve heard a lot about EFT. Never tried it but it does sound good though…


    Robert Kingston

  5. I’m agree with you, The Google Suite is my hero too :)


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