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That’s right, I finally sold my first website.

You may recall back a few months ago, I bought some domains but decided not to bother using them at all. Instead of leaving them to sit around and accumulate dust I figured it would be much more constructive to develop them and accumulate Page Rank.

With most of my links centered around marketing and branding, I set about making a general site about personal branding to see how quickly I could get it listed in Google with a decent Page Rank.

All in all, it took about a day or two to get listed and before the end of the month it had reached PR3. I figured that way, with a domain linked to a website which Google had ranked well, I could sell it to someone who found a use for it.

One man found it useful and I sold it to him for a reasonable price. Good luck with the new domain mate!

9 Responses to “I Sold My First Website”

  1. Congrats….pagerank is a good factor when it comes to selling your website.

    Dan Schawbel

  2. That’s awesome Rob! congrats, I remember you mentioning this experiment, it would be good to see how much effort and time it would take to make “X” and then see what topics or domains make the most money. If you go to you will notice 1 million people trying to sell iphone domains for crazy prices, but I’m sure really good ones will sell and if you sell a $9 domain for $1000 at least your making over X100 on your money.

    Andrew Poesaste

  3. Thanks Poe…

    I’ve thought about buying and selling more domains. I think the most money is to be made when you develop a site onto them though. The marketplace at SitePoint and Website Broker (a free alternative) seem to value developed websites. I remember when I tried selling straight domains and it was tough as hell - no one even glanced at it. I think it’s all too easy to find a domain to suit your purposes, so people don’t bother to fork out the extra money to buy a name off someone from Ebay. Otherwise, like Dan said PR is a good factor to judge how good a site is when selling it, so if you have a domain name which is well ranked, you’re bound to fetch at least 3 figures.

    I have a few ideas in the pipelines at the moment regarding sites I’d like to develop (including one selling toilet paper - more on that later). I’ll crank them out and see how I go. I want to reach $500USD for a site before I finish uni. It’ll be tough, but I reckon I could do it.

    That’d make me so happy.

    Robert Kingston

  4. Congrats! I hope to move into that business one day; develop sites, earn my money back a couple times over, and sell it. My current blog can’t be sold, but there was also no initial investment, so I cannot complain.

    Jeremy Hobbs

  5. Cheers, I reckon you’ll do it just fine Jeremy…

    I mean Consumer Corner has a tonne of content. You must be getting a lot of visitors too - yours is the first blogger blog I’ve seen with that many comments. All you need are a few links and some PR and you could sell that for a very respectable sum.

    Even better, you could convert your blog into a WordPress site and develop it like most professional bloggers. I actually think it looks like a keeper and I can see why you wouldn’t want to sell it.

    Robert Kingston

  6. Well done! PR3 until end of month is great. What have you done to get this?


  7. Cheers Eliot.

    I just pointed as many links as I could to the site, with a lot of help from a friend of mine. We pointed a whole bunch of links to the page from very relevant sites to Some were PR 3, PR 4 and PR 5s themselves, which should have bumped the rank up somewhat.

    I think doing this whilst the PR update was going on was the thing that helped build it up the most though.

    If you’re looking to build up your site’s page rank maybe you should try and get some links from other sites who have Page Ranks. Avoid getting links from Free for all link directories and “Link Farms”, they will detract from your rankings.

    Robert Kingston

  8. Grats! And wish you more great projects!


  9. That’s great, congratulations. That reminds me, I have a number of domains lying around doing nothing — I need to do something about it right now.


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