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Today I’m going to show you why most people who use affiliate links to get commissions from web hosting sites, will never make any money. This post is brought to you by

Web Hosting Choice

The webhosting market is extremely saturated and it’s obviously difficult to compete with all the other affiliate sites out there. To get anything worthwhile, you need to have something different. You need to be able to sell your traffic on features and benefits which match their needs. Well here’s where Web Hosting Choice comes in handy - they’ve developed a form which users can select the features they need in a web host.

Not only does the form allow users to work through at their own pace, it works as a see-through salesman and provides users with guides about choosing hosting.

After my recent debacle with sucky Powweb Hosting, being aware of Web Hosting Choice would have been a great place to checkout before I went out and spent over $100.

If you’re on the market for some web hosting, checkout their site. Or maybe if you’re a webhosting affiliate you might find some lessons on how to sell in this commoditised industry (or any other commoditised industry for that matter).

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