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ShushI was walking through Brisbane city the other day and I was approached by a girl on the street who was obviously selling something. She asked me, “Are you looking for work?” and I said “Nope.” While I walked off, I thought about it and I arrived at an interesting answer. I basically realised the answer to her question should have been:

“No, work is looking for me.”

It may sound a little cocky but let me explain the reasoning behind it. The universe has it in for me - I’m a VICTIM of the law of attraction.

You see, I may not make a lot of money as a fulltime university student, but I’m happy with my life at the moment. I work comfortable hours for Yaro Starak and I can get whatever I want, right now. Of course, I have dreams of making billions one day, but I don’t feel cognitive dissonance on a regular basis, to motivate me at the moment. As a sesult, I keep thinking to myself that I don’t need work.

If you’ve read the book, “The Secret”, you’d know that by focusing on ‘Not needing work’, I’m manifesting into my life, situations which provide me with work to do. For me, this was a significant realisation as I originally had little faith in the workings of the secret but it hit me like an apple falling on my head.

A friend of mine named John Rehburg also introduced me to an interesting book the other day, it’s called “The Little Money Bible” and it’s written by Stuart Wilde. John was elling me that Stuart advocates in his book, that you should develop yourself into such an interesting and friendly person that people want to hang around you and provide you with ample opportunities with which to make money. (My copy of the audio book is sitting at home waiting for me to open it)

This is what I believe personal branding should be about - buidling yourself into a person who can develop effective, mutually beneficial relationships, fulfill their promises as a person and deliver consistent value to others. Basically, it’s introspective approach which you can control. Ultimately, if you develop yourself into a person who is well rounded enough, This will get you ahead in your career.

Anyway enough about me, are you manifesting something good into your life?

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3 Responses to “Are You Looking for Work?”

  1. No. So, where was this girl again? :-)

    Have a great Xmas, Rob!

    Nate Burke

  2. Hahaha, well - she was outside the big ugly building on Brisbane Square.

    Thanks for the comment, dude. We should catch up soon, I haven’t spoken with you in ages.

    Robert Kingston

  3. Interesting concept in law of attraction. I want to read the book ‘the secret’

    Seven Shed

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