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I’ve recently made significant changes to my site here, at Bracing Your Brand, in light of new SEO here say.

In a discussion with one of my mates, he argued that internal links are valued just as much as external links to your pages. I’ve decided to test this theory and I’ve made some big changes to my site to accentuate my internal linking structure. I’m not too sure if I believe his claims, but what have I got to lose?

Let’s get started at the fun part: Plugins!

I’ve installed a fair few plugins lately and they all focus on providing relevant links to pages throughout my site. Note that I’m using WordPress 2.3 with this setup.

Arne Brachhold’s XML Sitemap

Before you have a good internal linking structure, it’s important that you are indexed well by Google and Yahoo. Setup your sitemap and then submit it to Google Webmaster Tools and Yahoo Site Explorer. You’ll also find Webmaster Tools and Site Explorer useful in monitoring your site’s SEO vitals.

Dagon Design’s HTML Sitemap

This plugin will create a few HTML pages for you that oganise your posts for readers and for search engines to browse through. Don’t add too many links to the one page or you might bleed Page Rank.

Permalink Redirect

If you’re like me, you love tweaking and fixing things that are already working fine. I made the mistake many times over of changing my permalink URL, causing me to lose Page Rank. This plugin helps you transition from one Permalink structure to another, through 301 Redirects.

SEO Title Tag

Touted as one of the most pertinant on-page optimisations a webmaster can perform, the title of your blog posts can be controlled and improved by using SEO Title Tag. Fix this up and not only will you be well ranked in Google, but you will also have control over the titles of internal links pointing to your site.

WP 2.3 Related Posts

With WordPress 2.3, built in Tags came into being (finally). I suggest that you use the Tags, not as a way to bulk up your keyword density but so you can make use of this related posts plugin, to list relevant links at the end of each post.

Simple Tags

As a follow on from the suggested plugin above, I recommend getting Simple Tags, so you can easily manage your tags. That way, you can improve the relevancy of links displayed in the Related Posts plugin.

Excerpt Editor

This is a relatively new plugin. I’ve installed it on my blog to manage the excerpts for my posts. Long story short, install this plugin and read why on the next article in this series of mine. This will allow you to minimise duplicate content and even add unique content easily to your blog.

I hope you got something out of this post, stay tuned for the next article in the series where I discuss template changes and tactics for boosting the value of your internal links.

Change Log

01/01/08 - Added Plugin, Excerpt Editor.

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