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BlueprintA few weeks ago, I saw an interesting post on Pro Blogger. For me, that’s quite a rarity - no offense to Darren Rowse of course.

What he discussed was that if you own a blog, you need to determine your key topics and write articles closely to those topics. Everyone knows this though. What got my attention was that he reccomended defining your blog by developing a Mind Map. Aha!

I’ve since recommended this to a client of mine and I’ve now put it into practice on my own blog. Take a look at what I’ve done:

Bracing Your Brand - Website Mindmap

How to Make Your Mindmap

Mind mapping software out there today is generally as useful as a cock sandwich (happy Peter?). I’ve searched for years to find the right software and I believe my search is finally over. I’m using an Open Source product to create my mind map and it’s called Free Mind.

It’s very easy to use and it has a number of formats available for you to export to. It easily beats the pants off all the commercial softwares I’ve used too!

Go and grab your copy of Free Mind here. You will need Sun’s Java Runtime installed to make use of it.

Guidelines for your Mindmap

Start with your website at the center of the map. Then create 3-4 child nodes, such as SEO, Internet Marketing, Website Management and Branding, in mine. Once you have those topics down, you can then proceed to add child nodes to those main topics. I recommend putting your main articles, sections and series down as those topics.

If you’d like to add news articles or Miscellaneous articles to your map, I suggest creating a child node under each topic called “News/Misc” and proceeding to add sub nodes to that.

Even though it’s in your mindmap, it won’t always mean that you have to follow it, or that you’re set in stone. It makes for a great guide though - that’s all it is, a guide…

The more topics you add to your site, the harder it will be for you to become an authority on it. Try to find a niche or build your topics around a common theme. If your purpose is to sell a book on your site, make sub topics around the theme on which your book is based.


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Benefits to Using a Mindmap for Your Website

There are a number of benefits that you can cash in on by having a thorough plan. Why don’t you give it a go and see how you benefit from a solid plan. Here are a few benefits that I’ve found:

  • Crystallise your topics on your site
  • Plan article series and content publication on your site
  • Cover a range of keywords that you’re looking to rank for
  • Become an authority site on Google for the topic(s)/theme you’re focusing on
  • Make content development easier

Please add your comments. I’d like to know your thoughts on this article.

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