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Who Actually Uses ‘Yahoo!’?

Monday, August 20th, 2007

Here’s something that many people tend to discount in the Search industry - Yahoo.
I was checking out the stats for one of our websites today which I had been optimising about two or so months ago. I hadn’t noticed too much of a rise in traffic but I did see that traffic had been increasing, […]

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I met Andrew Poesaste (Poe) over a year ago, but only over the past 4 months have I really gotten to know the guy. He’s ultra enthusiastic and determined to get what he wants. As such, he’s been busy over the past few weeks developing content for his Blog aimed at helping young professionals succeed […]

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Managing 3GN Media Forum

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

Yep - another forum to manage. It’s called 3GN Media and it’s a site dealing with all things entertainment. Once again, this is one of Yaro’s sites which I’ll be managing. He bought it last week and I’ve been busy making changes and adding things to help improve the site.
Initially when he bought the site, […]

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Blog Profits Blueprint Set To Release

Monday, May 28th, 2007

Yaro Starak is gearing up to release his Blog Profits Blueprint - a kind of sneak peak about what you will get when you sign-up to his Blog Mastermind program.
I’ve watched Yaro move throughout the launch process and I’ve even had a peep inside of the blueprint!
I’ve got to say it’s looking good - I […]

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Top Commentators: Speading the Link Love

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

Thanks to Yaro Starak, I’ve been introduced to the new raving plugin - Top Commentators.
For those of you who have no idea what this plugin is about, it’s purpose is to reward people who comment on my blog for their time and for adding their thoughts. I’ve noticed a lot of other blogs out there […]

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