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Try, Try Again

Saturday, March 31st, 2007

I’ve taken the auction down for my domain over at site point.
It just wasn’t working out the way I had planned it to - for one, I wasn’t getting many page views on the ad and secondly I couldn’t compete with similarly effective names which also had a page rank. I’ve since welcomed this slap […]

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OK, I decided to sell the domain name. I figured it’d be a lot better for me to sell it for a good price than waste my time re-branding this site whilst I’m rather hectic. If you’re interested, Checkout the auction over at site point by clicking the link below:

I’m never a fan of auctions […]

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Hi guys,
You’ve got to help me. Today after talking with some friends of mine and reading Ed Roach’s post on re-branding - I decided to buy a domain to re-brand this site. Sure enough I went ahead and purchased a domain right off the bat after some thought and with a good strategy in mind. […]

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Here’s an experience you can’t miss - the opportunity to write for a large audience and display your marketing finesse.
Yaro has encouraged me to write an advertisement, looking for new writers at So, if you’re like me and you need a place to display your potential as a marketer to future employers, then you […]

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