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I met Andrew Poesaste (Poe) over a year ago, but only over the past 4 months have I really gotten to know the guy. He’s ultra enthusiastic and determined to get what he wants. As such, he’s been busy over the past few weeks developing content for his Blog aimed at helping young professionals succeed and he’s finally launched it. - A blog to help Young Professionals on their paths to success.

There’s a whole heap of content which has been posted so far already, namely an article why you should make your products pink, his application to become Diddy’s next assistant (make sure you vote for him here), a regularly occurring quote of the day and of course a post about his first online business -

I’ve got a good feeling about his blog. Poe is a smart guy and I’m looking forward to checking out more of his posts as they pop up in my feed reader.

Yaro Starak is gearing up to release his Blog Profits Blueprint - a kind of sneak peak about what you will get when you sign-up to his Blog Mastermind program.

I’ve watched Yaro move throughout the launch process and I’ve even had a peep inside of the blueprint!

I’ve got to say it’s looking good - I can’t wait to get my hands on it, myself! With just over 30 hours till it’s released there isn’t too long to wait now…

The focus of the blueprint revolves around making money blogging. Whilst I’m not going to make money on my blog, I’ve thought about monetizing my other sites with blogs before. So this would no doubt be a nice card to put in my back pocket in case I chose to play it one day. In particular I’m keen to find out the exact blueprint that Yaro has made to develop a blog which makes money. So, learning things like pillar articles and communication channels and seeing the back-end of will be a welcome treat.

If you’d enjoy a passive income, like me, I suggest you check it out here.

Hi guys,

You’ve got to help me. Today after talking with some friends of mine and reading Ed Roach’s post on re-branding - I decided to buy a domain to re-brand this site. Sure enough I went ahead and purchased a domain right off the bat after some thought and with a good strategy in mind. I figured if I got a good enough domain name, I could swap my site onto the new one and sell

Well… it wasn’t that simple.

I set out to find a good domain with a couple of points in mind:

  1. Keep It Short
  2. Keep It Simple
  3. Make It Somewhat Related To The Content
  4. Get a Dot COM
  5. Make it Memorable

After a short while I came up with some good words which could be used for my domain. I did some searches, checked to see what was free and I found one which stuck with me.


I snapped it up on hoping that I could set it to point to this site and sell I was pretty happy with myself as I got it valued at $500-$750USD! Now, when you have a cracker of a domain like that, it reflects on your website as people make judgments about the effort you put into your website based on your domain. So, not only would this be easier for ME to type in, it’d have a demonstrable effect on visitors to my website. Things were rather swell.

The day passed by and I began to think about how I was going to set this domain to point to my site. Several ugly realities started to get the better of me:

  • I’ll lose all my backlinks to my site!
  • I’ll have to change my email addresses at all my sites!
  • I’ll lose my Pagerank and my Alexa Ranking!
  • What about that softspot I’ve always had for as my first ever domain name?

I’ve been faced with a tough choice and I’m still not sure what to think. I might talk with my friends and hear what they have to say about it. From what I can see I have two choices - (a) I should the new domain name and re-brand this site from scratch OR (b) keep my original domain name and stay on

If I don’t decide to keep it, I might sell it on Sitepoint. Let me know your thoughts… I could be making a big mistake.

Help In Branding Windsor, Ontario

February 13th, 2007

Windsor, Ontario's Official FlagHere’s an interesting development, Ed Roach from The Branding Experts is looking to help brand his city - all via blogging…

His first step? Well, he’s looking to gather some ‘unscientific data’ from people commenting on his post.I’ll be keen to see the results of this, especially if itbecomes viral, as there’s no telling how much publicity it will give the city.

He’s started by asking people the following questions:

  • What do you know about Windsor, Ontario, Canada? And…
  • Where are you from?

Despite not knowing anything about the city, I commented on Ed’s post since it’ll still count. So, stop by Ed’s blog and leave him your views about Windsor.

By the way, no cheating by going onto Wikipedia first.

Blog-Tag: A 5 Question Meme

February 2nd, 2007

I’ve just been Blog-tagged by Nick Rice of Strategic Design. Unlike in the game where Jeff Pulver asked bloggers to write about 5 things people didn’t know about them, this meme has moved me to answer 5 different questions. Without further ado, here are my answers:

    I don’t know where to start… I’m a huge fan of comments (If you haven’t realized already) and I consider them all rather than just discarding them. Perhaps the most useful thing I have learned from my visitors is that I cant be too judgmental. I’ve also learned that you should respect their opinions and learn to look through their eyes (something which I am still working on).
    I’d get a BA of Urban Development and Planning. I’ve had a keen interest in the area and I believe that these people will become hugely important in our society as the human population puts increasing strain on the planet’s limited resources. Not only that, I also believe that a well planned city can foster a more supportive community spirit.
    Almost… but not quite enough as 2005. Whilst I mostly focussed on career last year, I neglected other areas of my life. I’m currently working on a balance at the moment and I hope to achieve more exuberant goals this year such as developing my EnvironBlog website into something substantial, visiting New Zealand (which I am currently saving up for) and buying an established site which I can manage freely.
    If anything, blogging has opened my eyes to the opportunities available to me. The most significant of which, were namely writing for Small Business Branding and traveling to the USA to attend Mplanet 2006. Since last year I have been offered several new opportunities which I am not sure whether I can discuss with you all right now, but I will definitely reveal them to you in the near future.
    I’ve always been a fan of James Bond. I’d meet him at the drop of a hat if he were real. OK, I know that’s cheating but I’m not decided upon someone who I’d like to meet at the moment. If however I could change the question to “Who I was looking forward to meeting most?”, it would probably be Yaro Starak who will be coming back to Australia, in a months time.

That was interesting for me to think about but now I think it’s time to pass the meme onto others. I’m going to tag Des Walsh, Ed Roach, Christine Buske, Jaya Schillinger and Cristian Mezei. Enjoy it guys!