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Try, Try Again

I’ve taken the auction down for my domain over at site point.

It just wasn’t working out the way I had planned it to - for one, I wasn’t getting many page views on the ad and secondly I couldn’t compete with similarly effective names which also had a page rank. I’ve since welcomed this slap on the wrist and I’ve decided to develop a site over the top of the domain.

I’m going to be throwing up very basic content which I have really put no thought into but I’m hoping this will raise the Page Rank for the domain so I can sell it at a nicer price than just $80USD.

So far things are progressing well with the site and I managed to get it listed in Google after a short two days. I’ve sent it as many high quality back links as I possibly could and Yahoo has so far reported to have seen 23 inbound links to the site. Since I only bought one year’s worth of hosting, I don’t have a lot of time to build this site up until I need to sell it or renew the space. I know that it’s a long shot but hopefully I can reach a PR3 by the time the next PR update comes along.

Now here’s my question to you: What is the best place to buy/sell domains at? Does anyone have any recommendations as to how I can build a site up to sell it online? As I’m pretty new to the domain marketplace I’m mainly interested in learning about the workings of it… although, thats not to say that I’m not up to make a couple of bucks either (I’d like to head to New Zealand sometime in the summer and a couple of bucks could just pay my air ticket).

So far, I’ve discovered a couple of things when selling a domain at Site Point:

  • Find out what similar sites/domains are selling for.
  • Find out what is important to people buying domains (often times a good name doesn’t do it)
  • Is your domain name selling at the right time? (If you bought DellSucks.com in the 90’s it wouldn’t have gone for as much as it would today)
  • What metrics do people look for on a site. Don’t tell me that this doesn’t have an effect on domains as people still record traffic for “typo domains”.
  • Copy Matters. Catch their attention, convey the strong points and sell them on benefits.

Anyway, if you’d like to help my cause, feel free to send back links to www.potentmark.com/.


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