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Top Commentators Plugin: Spreading the Love

Thanks to Yaro Starak, I’ve been introduced to the new raving plugin - Top Commentators. For those of you who have no idea what this plugin is about, it’s purpose is to reward people who comment on my blog for their time and for adding their thoughts. I’ve noticed a lot of other blogs out there that have installed this plugin recently and are getting a lot more participation in their posts.

When Yaro got me to install the plugin on SmallBusinessBranding.com, I figured I’d test it right here first. It’s looking good so far and  it installed seemlessly with just a few minor changes to the code.

Hopefully, this will encourage more of you lurkers out there to speak up and receive some high quality back-links to your page now. I predict this will encourage people who don’t normally comment to trial it and become used to posting on others’ blogs.

Has anyone else installed this plugin? If so, how are comment numbers coming along?


Try, Try Again

I’ve taken the auction down for my domain over at site point.

It just wasn’t working out the way I had planned it to - for one, I wasn’t getting many page views on the ad and secondly I couldn’t compete with similarly effective names which also had a page rank. I’ve since welcomed this slap on the wrist and I’ve decided to develop a site over the top of the domain.

I’m going to be throwing up very basic content which I have really put no thought into but I’m hoping this will raise the Page Rank for the domain so I can sell it at a nicer price than just $80USD.

So far things are progressing well with the site and I managed to get it listed in Google after a short two days. I’ve sent it as many high quality back links as I possibly could and Yahoo has so far reported to have seen 23 inbound links to the site. Since I only bought one year’s worth of hosting, I don’t have a lot of time to build this site up until I need to sell it or renew the space. I know that it’s a long shot but hopefully I can reach a PR3 by the time the next PR update comes along.

Now here’s my question to you: What is the best place to buy/sell domains at? Does anyone have any recommendations as to how I can build a site up to sell it online? As I’m pretty new to the domain marketplace I’m mainly interested in learning about the workings of it… although, thats not to say that I’m not up to make a couple of bucks either (I’d like to head to New Zealand sometime in the summer and a couple of bucks could just pay my air ticket).

So far, I’ve discovered a couple of things when selling a domain at Site Point:

  • Find out what similar sites/domains are selling for.
  • Find out what is important to people buying domains (often times a good name doesn’t do it)
  • Is your domain name selling at the right time? (If you bought DellSucks.com in the 90’s it wouldn’t have gone for as much as it would today)
  • What metrics do people look for on a site. Don’t tell me that this doesn’t have an effect on domains as people still record traffic for “typo domains”.
  • Copy Matters. Catch their attention, convey the strong points and sell them on benefits.

Anyway, if you’d like to help my cause, feel free to send back links to www.potentmark.com/.



I Took The Dive And My Domain Is Up For Auction

OK, I decided to sell the domain name. I figured it’d be a lot better for me to sell it for a good price than waste my time re-branding this site whilst I’m rather hectic. If you’re interested, Checkout the auction over at site point by clicking the link below:

View Auction

I’m never a fan of auctions as they really unnerve me. It’s almost scary I’ll lose it. Feel free to ask me any questions on there or in here.



To Use Or Not To Use This Domain - A Lesson In Buying Domains

Hi guys,

You’ve got to help me. Today after talking with some friends of mine and reading Ed Roach’s post on re-branding - I decided to buy a domain to re-brand this site. Sure enough I went ahead and purchased a domain right off the bat after some thought and with a good strategy in mind. I figured if I got a good enough domain name, I could swap my site onto the new one and sell bracingyourbrand.com.

Well… it wasn’t that simple.

I set out to find a good domain with a couple of points in mind:

  1. Keep It Short
  2. Keep It Simple
  3. Make It Somewhat Related To The Content
  4. Get a Dot COM
  5. Make it Memorable

After a short while I came up with some good words which could be used for my domain. I did some searches, checked to see what was free and I found one which stuck with me.


I snapped it up on www.dynadot.com hoping that I could set it to point to this site and sell bracingyourbrand.com. I was pretty happy with myself as I got it valued at $500-$750USD! Now, when you have a cracker of a domain like that, it reflects on your website as people make judgments about the effort you put into your website based on your domain. So, not only would this be easier for ME to type in, it’d have a demonstrable effect on visitors to my website. Things were rather swell.

The day passed by and I began to think about how I was going to set this domain to point to my site. Several ugly realities started to get the better of me:

  • I’ll lose all my backlinks to my site!
  • I’ll have to change my email addresses at all my sites!
  • I’ll lose my Pagerank and my Alexa Ranking!
  • What about that softspot I’ve always had for Bracingyourbrand.com as my first ever domain name?

I’ve been faced with a tough choice and I’m still not sure what to think. I might talk with my friends and hear what they have to say about it. From what I can see I have two choices - (a) I should the new domain name and re-brand this site from scratch OR (b) keep my original domain name and stay on bracingyourbrand.com.

If I don’t decide to keep it, I might sell it on Sitepoint. Let me know your thoughts… I could be making a big mistake.


Become An Author At SmallBusinessBranding.com

Here’s an experience you can’t miss - the opportunity to write for a large audience and display your marketing finesse.

Yaro has encouraged me to write an advertisement, looking for new writers at www.SmallBusinessBranding.com. So, if you’re like me and you need a place to display your potential as a marketer to future employers, then you should seriously consider taking it up.

You could find yourself on a journey you never thought possible. Not only do you get the chance to write alongside people in the industry, but you could also find yourself making contacts with people in PR all around the world.

I had the chance to visit the AMA’s new marketing event - Mplanet 2006, review a free copy of Lightning In A Bottle and benefit from the thousands of eyes reading my articles. Thanks to SmallBusinessBranding.com I have something to get me in the door at a lot of marketing companies as I experienced all kinds of benefits. Besides that, I was able to solidify my knowledge whilst honing my professional writing skills, I was able to converse with PR professionals about news on the site, I drew in significant amounts of traffic to this blog and I have even earned some money through my adsense ads which I continue to tweak and monitor.

However, the best thing about writing for that website is it gave me a position in Yaro’s company to help him build and administer his websites and forums. If you’re able to write articles about business, marketing and branding as it applies to small businesses then I urge you to take it up. The experience is great.

If you do apply via my website, let me know in here and I’ll put in a good word for you. ;)


Time Management

Things have been getting kind of hectic in the past few weeks and it’s stretching my time. Although I have three simple things which have helped me tremendously.Time management thanks to Google and my two monitors.

  1. Using the Google Suite
  2. Using Two Monitors
  3. Managing My Stress

The Google Suite is my hero… thanks to Desktop search, Gmail, Google Calendar and my To-Do list (in the Sidebar), I can find out what I need to do and access all the information I need for my jobs quickly and effectively. My dual monitor setup also helps out a lot - in my case I’ve got a new monitor and and old monitor so I can work on one screen and play music on another (click the picture). It’s also great for working out of an email without having to print it off.

The strangest thing I have found though is how to manage my stress. You know when you’re working on something and you have a quickly approaching due date? You probably get stressed out, right? Well, getting stressed reduces your ability to concentrate and work on the things that are important. So, if there’s nothing you can do about the approaching due date, you’ll do a lot better off by forgetting the stress and getting on with your task.

For the lack of time for many professionals in the world today I have to blame the internet.

With the endless amount of opportunity on there it’s no surprise that people are getting inundated with exciting endeavours. I’ve been invited to join a couple of projects over the past few months and I’m finding some of my commitments getting stretched as I put my focus into working on two bike forums - Pocket Bike Racing and MiniRiders. Thankfully, once I’ve finished the majority of the work I put INTO the two bike sites, they should manage themselves pretty well.

That’ll leave me with more time to work ON the sites and get stuck into university. Anyway, I better get back to it and so should you…

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